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Best Mini Projector for iPhone
Best Mini Projector for iPhone

The Best Mini Projector for iPhone lets you effortlessly share the smartphone’s an audio and video contents with family, friends, or even people working in the office. As is in the name, Mini projectors are smaller than traditional projectors. This means it can be carried everywhere without weighing you down or slowing your speed.

Apart from the iPhone, many mini projectors also work with Android smartphones and other mobile device that runs the platform. Please take a look at the complete specifications below to assist you in deciding whether it’s the right mini projector for your needs.

Top Recommendations on the Best Mini Projector for iPhone:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
71 7gsW ONL. AC SL1500 81uo2jE8HFL. AC SL150071pu5rg+HML. AC SL1500
ELEPHAS Mini WiFi ProjectorFANGOR Portable Projector with TripodAcrojoy Portable WiFi Mini Projector
4.3 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars
Best Mini Projector for iPhone

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1. KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pico Projector 

KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pico Projector 
Mini portable projector for iphone
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Core Details:
Dimension‎3.1 x 3.1 x 0.87 “
Weight1 Pound
Product Rank#14 in Video Projectors
Best pocket projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

With DLP technology, simple touch controls, and near-universal device compatibility, the KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pico Projector is perfect for any meeting or presentation. View slides, photos, or videos on screens up to 150 inches with up to 2.5 hours of playback. Native 1080p video plays in full HD with proper connections (device to video source and device to projector), but 720p / lower quality video doesn’t work. This revolutionary device offers exceptional audio-visuals with super bright LED lamps and a 16.7 million color screen.

Whether you’re watching home movies, the latest hits, funny YouTube videos, or your favorite streaming service, the built-in speakers offer potent portability. Connect to various external devices with a microSD card slot, USB cable, built-in HDMI or AirPlay cable, and Miracast screencasting. The KODAK LUMA 150 features a standard tripod mounting thread on the bottom for easy projector mounting and stable viewing. KODAK LUMA 150 can play files from a microSD card, USB, or HDMI connection port. Other video inputs (DVI, display, etc.) require an adapter (not included). Wirelessly connect compatible devices via AirPlay or Miracast to mirror your screen.

2. ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector

ELEPHAS mini wall projector for iphone
Portable bluetooth projector for iPhone
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Core Details:
Dimension7.9 x 5.5 x 2.7 “
Weight22 Pounds
Product Rank#12 in Video Projectors
Best Mini Projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector is designed with the latest Wi-Fi connectivity, compatible with Android/iPhone/Windows 10. You can enjoy a free life with no cable limitations anytime, anywhere. Projectors provide optimum brightness and image display quality to meet the needs of home theaters.

The best HD mini cinema projector performance is based on influential parameters: Full HD 1080P input and 24-bit genuine color support, and a 200-inch screen. Elephas W13 intelligent projector improves noise reduction technology and fast heat dissipation. The ELEPHAS Phone Projector does not require expensive adapters and allows you to connect the projector to your iPhone with an original line of cables.

The intelligent projector offers the latest noise reduction technology, built-in speakers, and impeccable audio reproduction to fill your room with impressive and powerful sound and enhance your immersion in your cinema experience. It uses diffuse reflection technology, which is more pleasant to the eyes than TV and protects against the harmful effects of direct sunlight.

3. BloBlo WiFi 4K Mini Projector

BloBlo WiFi 4K iphone compatible mini projector
Best small projectors for iPhone
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Core Details:
Dimension‎7.2 x 5.3 x 7.6 “
Weight4.5 Pounds
Product Rank#491 in Video Projectors
Best Mini Projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

BloBlo WiFi 4K Mini Projector is committed to creating a unique and creative vertical mini projector with compact buttons and a mini body layout design. In addition, Bubble offers a more advanced cooling system with an integrated heat dissipation structure with dual turbo fans. The life of the mini projector is more than 30000 hours.

Enjoy cinema-quality sound from the built-in dual 5W stereo speakers and SRS sound system. You can also connect headphones or external speakers via the AV port for various situations such as personal wishes or family parties. Have a happy time with your family.

The BloBlo CP801 mini projector can be connected anywhere with HDMI, USB, and AV ports to get the best viewing experience. Dust-tight sealed optical engine with lens cover effectively reduces dust interference and indefinitely maintains pure and sharp images.

4. FANGOR Portable Movie Projector with Tripod

FANGOR Portable best mini portable projector for iphone
Mini movie projector for iPhone
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Core Details:
Dimension‎9.2 x 6.5 x 3.2 “
Weight2.8 Pounds
Product Rank#5 in Video Projectors
Best Mini Projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

With a native resolution of 1920×1080 and a contrast ratio of 10000:1, the FANGOR Portable Movie Projector delivers sharp and detailed HD images. The projector and the colors are more vivid and bright. The latest Wi-Fi connection function supports iOS and Android systems. You can connect to your portable Bluetooth home projector anytime; just connect to Wi-Fi once without the hassle of cables.

This outdoor movie projector is exceptionally versatile, with HDMI, AV, VGA, and SD card ports so you can use it with your laptop, PC, Chrome Book, MICRO SD card, or USB flash drive. Built-in stereo surround speakers and a 1080p HD projector have restored the details of sound effects so you can enjoy the sound of joy in different scenes. With Bluetooth, you can always connect your ideal Bluetooth speaker wirelessly.

5. Xinteprid Mini Projector for iPhone

Xinteprid Mini portable projector compatible with iphone
Best portable iPhone projector
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Core Details:
Dimension11.5 x 7.76 x 4.29 ”
Weight3.2 Pounds
Product Rank#49 in Video Projectors
Best Mini Projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

Xinteprid Mini Projector for iPhone is compatible with the iOS/Android/Chromecast /Windows 10 system. It is possible to sync your smartphone’s screen requires wireless Once-time or wired. Xinteprid mini projector has a contrast ratio of 10000:1 with 1080p resolution and 65,000 hours of LED lamp life to meet your theater-related needs at home and give you a more enjoyable watching experience.

The wifi projector, designed with the latest WIFI connection and compatible with the Android/iPhone/Windows, could perfectly transfer movies, videos, photos, and games from a smartphone to a big screen for a projection display. The zoom features of small projectors could be used to increase or decrease the size of an area of the screen from 75-100. It is also possible to connect the projector via wifi to an external speaker that is built-in with dual stereo speakers that recreate the original sound from movies and music.
The most recent mini movie projector comes with modern noise reduction technology, letting you focus on your films. It also meets home and outdoor weddings, creative theater creation, and teaching demands. It offers a fantastic viewing experience similar to an IMAX to alter the projector’s distance to create a 200″ massive projection space with 14.5ft.

6. Acrojoy WiFi Mini Projector

Acrojoy bluetooth projector for iphone
Cheap mini projector for iphone
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Core Details:
Dimension‎7 x 6 x 3 ”
Weight3.3 Pounds
Product Rank#56 in Video Projectors
Best Mini Projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

Acrojoy WiFi Mini Projector supports 1920×1080 resolution, 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio, 10000:1 contrast ratio and ±15° keystone correction. The projector is equipped with the Mstar Advanced Color Engine and the latest 5-layer LCD lens (+80% brightness compared to comparable projectors), making it an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor use.

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This mini projector is equipped with the latest Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. A large-format viewing experience with this projector requires only a single Wi-Fi connection to sync your smartphone screen. The rotatable desktop stand can elevate the mini projector to your desired height for better projection. It is strong and stable and firmly holds the home projector without shaking or falling.

ACROJOY home projector is easy to install and comes with a stand that makes projection more stable. The built-in stereo speakers feature an SRS sound system powerful enough to provide a listening experience without external speakers. Moreover, this wireless projector offers 35 inch to 240 inch viewing size with 3.56 feet to 24.4 feet throw distance to enjoy big screen home theater experience with your friends and family. family.

7. WEWATCH Native 1080P WiFi Video Projector

WEWATCH Native 1080P small portable projector for iphone
Mini projector for iphone cheap
buy now 2
Core Details:
Dimension14.0 x 10.2 x 4.6 ”
Weight4.7 Pounds
Product Rank#197 in Video Projectors
Best Mini Projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

The WEWATCH Native 1080P WiFi Video Projector provides crisp, detailed images for home theaters and outdoor movies. 1080p projectors are great for displaying videos, movies, presentations, and more. Diffuse-reflective technology offers soft, even illumination, making images easier on the eyes and reducing eye strain during long viewing sessions. The WEWATCH V50 portable projector offers an apparent viewing size of 36 to 200 inches at a distance of 3.8 to 19 feet. A giant 200-inch screen ensures the best viewing experience, whether watching movies, playing games, or listening to concerts.

With a brightness of 230 ANSI lumens (over 15,000 LED lux), a high FOFO contrast ratio of 1500:1, and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 15000:1, the LED projector delivers crisp, bright images for your videos. With a light source life of up to 40,000 hours, you can use this portable projector to enjoy memorable movie nights with family and friends.

The V50 mini projector can send movies/videos/photos from your iOS/Android device to the big screen for projection display via 2.4G/5G WiFi; just turn on the screen mirroring function in the settings. Due to copyright issues, phone screen mirroring cannot support protected apps (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.) through a phone connection. Use Amazon Fire Stick and Roku to play copyrighted videos. Please log in. A huge 200-inch screen ensures the best viewing experience, whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening to concerts.

8. MOOKA FAMILY Portable Mini Projector

MOOKA FAMILY bluetooth portable projector for iphone
Best mini projectors for iPhone
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Core Details:
ManufacturerMOOKA FAMILY
Dimension8.5 x 3.7 x 6.5 ”
Weight2.2 Pounds
Product Rank#98 in Video Projectors
Best Mini Projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

The MOOKA FAMILY Portable Mini Projector has been upgraded to 16.77 megapixels, which is 40% brighter than other small projectors, redefining ultra-sharp images and clear details. Designed with the latest Wi-Fi connectivity and compatible with Android and iOS systems, the Phone Projector improves the charging speed by 35% compared to other mini projectors on the market, giving you a faster and more stable reading experience. No expensive adapters are needed. You can easily connect the projector to your mobile phone with the original cable.

Upgraded Wi-Fi movie projector supporting 1920x1080P, MStar’s advanced color, and 6-layer LCD lens imported from Germany. Color contrast and brightness are increased by 40% compared to comparable projectors. It provides sharper details and more vibrant colors. With two built-in SRS stereo speakers, the Mini Projector for iPhone delivers true sound quality, so you can enjoy cinema-like surround sound. An efficient cooling system dissipates heat quickly, significantly extending the life of your projector.

Moreover, a powerful cooling system in the projector suppresses noise and cools lamp heat, extending lamp life to 70,000 hours. Built-in stereo speakers reproduce every detail of the sound, perfect for listening to music and movies at home. You can also connect external speakers via the 3.5mm audio output for better sound quality.

9. Vamvo Portable Mini Projector for iPhone

Vamvo Portable mini projector for iphone
Best portable projector for iphone
buy now 2
Core Details:
Dimension‎7.8 x 7.1 x 3.3 ”
Weight1.6 Pounds
Product Rank#68 in Video Projectors
Best Mini Projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

The Vamvo Portable Mini Projector for iPhone supports 1920x1080P and has a contrast of 1000:1. Excellent color rendering, and clear and vivid images. No subtlety escapes your eyes, giving you and your family an immersive home theater experience. This iPhone projector is equipped with multiple easy-to-use ports, including HDMI, USB, AV input interface, and audio. Easily connect to your TV Stick, Chromecast, PC, or laptop. When connecting a smartphone, a separate Lightning/Micro USB/Type C/to HDMI adapter is required.

In addition, it is equipped with multiple ports for ease of use. Projectors can connect to game consoles, stereos, and other devices to provide more entertainment. The Vamvo mini projector uses more advanced cooling technology and features near-perfect built-in surround speakers.

Vamvo projectors use a combination of white and silver, which perfectly reflects the high-end and technological sensibility. The video projector offers a projection size of 40 to 100 inches, depending on the distance. The built-in 2W speaker provides true sound quality and is crystal clear. The sound quality can meet your daily needs without external speakers. Portable projectors are not only suitable for watching movies but also for playing games and watching sports.

10. Febfoxs Portable WiFi Outdoor Projector

Febfoxs best iphone portable projector
Best bluetooth projector for iPhone
buy now 2
Core Details:
Dimension‎8.98 x 7.32 x 3.78 ”
Weight3.1 Pounds
Product Rank#89 in Video Projectors
Best bluetooth projector for iPhone
Detailed Description:

The Febfoxs Portable WiFi Outdoor Projector comes with enhanced focus technology that can increase image clarity, allowing for clear images even at corners. A majority of projectors on the market will focus on the center of the images but are blurry at the four corners of the image. The latest wireless synchronizes screen technology. The tiny projector will connect to laptops running iOS, Android, or Windows 10 and is wire and unobstructed.

The Android/iOS/laptop device can allow screen mirroring to be synchronized using the use of both 2.4G and 5G WiFi. Ultra-fast 5G WiFi. It can also be used with Google phones. Offer you a much smoother, stable, and lag-free online videos/Gaming/Microsoft APP playing experience. Additionally, the tiny smart projector is equipped with the most recent Bluetooth 5.1 chip that can connect to your Bluetooth speakers or earbuds wirelessly at any moment. The color space represents the spectrum of colors video projectors can create.

With the ZOOM feature, Febfoxs iPhone projector can reduce the size of the image up to 75% without having to move. With its space-saving design, simple and quick set-up, and the ability to change the size of your projector from 50” up to 250″” in real-time, You can experience an immersive cinematic experience from within the privacy of your home.

Buying Guide for the Best Mini Projector for iPhone

A projector can be an excellent option for various uses like watching movies, presentations, media consumption, etc. This is why you can also discover mini projectors that could be used in conjunction with your iPhone, which allows you to move from the small screen of your phone to a larger one quickly and effortlessly.

Native Resolution

Beginning with one of the essential aspects regarding mini-projectors designed for iPhone, We have our native resolution. When you check the resolution of your native miniature projectors for iPhone, it gives you an idea of the quality of the images you can expect.

However, while all mini projectors designed for iPhone have inputs of 1080p, the actual resolution of their output is different and is determined as a native resolution. In the same way, there are native resolution ratings of 800 pixels x 480, 1280x 730, and the resolution of 1920×1080 for specific projectors. A higher resolution will always provide higher output quality.

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Do you have another smartphone running an Android platform? The purchase of two mini projectors isn’t the most efficient choice.

Selecting a device that can be used on each iOS or Android platform will help you save dollars. It will help you reduce storage space when taking your device from one location to another.

Screen Size

Whether you’re using the highest resolution screen or not, you’ll undoubtedly want the size of the screen provided by your mini projector on your iPhone to make it as big as you can. More viewers can view the same movie or video if you choose to go with bigger screen size. This means that you will find a variety of sizes for screens, including up to 130 inches, up to 150 inches, and even up to 200 inches.

Throw Distance

Another aspect you should consider about this can be the throw ratings of the mini projector you have purchased for your iPhone. It is because not all 200-inch projectors function in the same way. Although some might require a spread of up to 17 feet to create an area of 200 inches, other models might function with a throw distance of 13 feet, which can be used more effectively.

Battery Life

The reason that mini projectors can be carried around is that they are equipped with rechargeable batteries. That means you can utilize them even if there is no electricity source nearby.

If you are shopping, ensure the item has a big battery: the bigger, the more powerful. However, advanced technologies can make rechargeable batteries run at a more incredible speed. Most mini projectors today can run from an hour to four hours on the course of a single charge.


Another essential aspect that affects the quality of the images you get from the mini projector on your iPhone will be the brightness ratings. Any projector with the highest brightness rating will be the best choice, especially with a bigger screen.

Suppose you choose mini projectors for the iPhone with a highly bright brightness that allows you to easily watch films and videos throughout the daylight hours. Regarding the brightness ratings available on mini projectors, most mini-projectors for iPhone have a brightness that can reach 4000 lumens or up to 5500 lumens and even up to 7000 lumens. Higher brightness is always the best.

Connectivity Options

To use a mini projector on iPhone or another device, it is also necessary to be able to link it with the device. In this regard, you must also look into the connectivity options provided by the mini projector you are using. If you want to connect it to your iPhone, each one provides WiFi connectivity options for users. In addition, there are different connectivity options, such as HDMI, VGA, AV, and various other physical connectors in the back, which are helpful to use.

Lamp Life

You may also look up the lamp life on your miniature projectors with your iPhone if you’re searching for a reliable model. The rating reveals the reliability of the lamp because a lamp with a rating of more than 70000 hours of lamp life will be more durable than lamps rated for 40000 hours or more on lamp lifespan.


When you have selected the ideal mini projector for your iPhone according to your requirements, you should think that your device will last as long as possible. To ensure that it does, you should check the warranty of the mini projector you choose for iPhone could be a good option for most users. Most mini-projectors made for iPhone are available with a 1-year or two-year warranty; some even provide the option of a lifetime warranty to ensure assurance.

Best Mini Projector for iPhone in 2022


As you’ll see, Best Mini Projector for iPhone come in various designs and dimensions. Each of them is looking to impress with its connectivity options and projection screen sizes and brightness, audio as well, and myriad other options. Additionally, each device on the market has its strengths and flaws. It is essential to select a model that will give you the features you want from it precisely.

We hope that reviewing the reviews of different Mini Projectors for iPhone mentioned above will help you determine the best one for your lifestyle and requirements.


Can mini projectors be operated on iPhones?
Mini Projector for iPhone

Even mini projectors can be used with your iPhone to go from your phone’s small display to something larger fast and quickly. You can connect your iOS device to a display such as a TV, projector, or computer monitor using a digital AV or VGA adapter.

Are you able to watch Netflix using a mini projector?
Best Mini Projector for iPhone

Open Netflix, sign in with your account, select the movie, documentary, or TV show you want to watch in the app, and the projection will project it onto your big screen. You can link your projector to a Roku-connected HDTV or connect your Roku wirelessly to your projector. It can also work with other devices that stream or mirror the interface to the projector.

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