Top 10 Best Surround Sound System Under 500 | 2022

Best Surround Sound System Under 500
Best Surround Sound System Under 500

If you have bought a great TV yet feel like something is missing. Suppose you are a fan of Friday night watching action movies and listening to your favorite music. In that case, the Best Surround Sound System Under 500 can provide an entirely new experience thanks to high-quality bass, spacious sound, and much more. But as any movie fan or avid gamer will tell that the image is just a fraction of the image. 

Surround sound is an audio system comprised of multiple channels to provide an all-directional “dome of sound.” Typical surround sound layouts contain at least 5 channels in separate speakers. Certain soundbars function like virtual surround systems with several channels. Systems such as Dolby Atmos or THX Tuning provide high-quality sound through small soundbars or monitor speakers. If you want to make the most of surround sound, here are some of the most effective choices below. 

Recommended Best Surround Sound System Under 500:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
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Fluance Elite Surround Sound SpeakerLogitech Surround Sound Speaker SystemPolk Audio MagniFi Surround Sound Bar
4.7 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Best Surround Sound System Under 500

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1. Fluance Elite Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker

Fluance Elite Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker

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Core Details:
Weight 33.4 Pounds
Product Rank#252 in Surround Sound Systems
Best Surround Sound System Under 500
Detailed Description:

The Fluance Elite Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker combines a 5-speaker surround sound system for a clear, engaging performance. The combination of high-quality components and black ash wood finish makes for a perfect speaker system in both sound and design. His audio-grade MDF wood construction reduces cabinet resonance and distortion for years of uninterrupted enjoyment. This 5.0 channel speaker system delivers professional performance that blends beautifully into any room in your home. 

The soundtrack to your life is ambitious. Using SXHTB with Dolby Surround and DTS systems will give you a real sense of what a home theater should be. Each speaker delivers excellent performance at any volume level with superior precision and clarity, capable of capturing all the dramatic effects of music and movies. A premium silk dome tweeter delivers brilliant, clear performance. The high-frequency drivers in this surround sound system deliver clear, correct sounds and effects that are lifelike and realistic. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

2. Klipsch Black Reference 5.1 Surround Sound System

Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System
Best surround sound under 500
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Core Details:
Weight 32 Pounds
Model 1064177
Product Rank#1 in Home Theater Systems
Best Surround Sound System Under 500
Detailed Description:

The Klipsch Black Reference 5.1 Surround Sound System delivers superior audio quality by using Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) in woofers. The extremely light cones are extremely sturdy offering a stunning low-frequency response with minimal distortion and breakup of the cone. Exclusive Tractrix Horn Technology and aluminum tweeters provide the most stunning high-end performance and greater extension, improved imaging, and dynamic bass. This results in the purest and natural sound you can get. In addition to the ease of installation that the wireless subwoofer has every satellite speaker comes with an easy-to-place keyhole. 

LTS tweeters are an integral part in our Reference series of products and are a key element of many of the top speakers on the market. The wireless subwoofer that is down-firing is specifically designed to provide high-quality low frequencies that fill the room without the use of a lot of floor space. The 2.4GHz connectivity lets you enjoy superior, high-quality CD sound wherever inside the room. Place the subwoofer in the place where it is most comfortable and best fits in your space. 

3. Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Z906 best 5.1 speaker system under 500
Best surround system under 500
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Core Details:
Weight 36.6 Pounds
Model Z906
Product Rank#3 in Surround Sound Systems
Best Surround Sound System Under 500
Detailed Description:

The Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System is THX certified lets you to transform any space into your home theater. You can hear every tire squeal, step and rumble as the studio wanted to – with 5.1 small channels of awe-inspiring and detailed surround sound. Experience powerful, high-quality audio for your video games, music, and movies. The powerful satellite and center channel speakers as well as the subwoofer, 165 watts, deliver clear high-end, clear mid-range tones, and huge bass. 

You can hear every detail around you. 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS encoders accurately recreate the final surround sound mix of your soundtracks. The surround-sound speakers been tested to meet rigorous standards for performance to obtain the THX accreditation. It is the ultimate guarantee of cinematic sound. 

The compact design that stacks easily fits into the entertainment system in your home. Control the volume power, mute, and power configure inputs from your console or from your couch with the convenient wireless remote. Z906 speakers transform the stereo two-channels of your old film’s music, games, and other media into a full surround audio experience. 

4. Samsung HW-A550 2.1ch Wireless Soundbar with Subwoofer

Samsung HW-A550 2.1ch best home theater system under $500
Best tv sound system under 500
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Core Details:
Weight 17 Pounds
Model HW-A550
Product Rank#191 in Home Audio Sound Bars
Best Surround Sound System Under 500
Detailed Description:

Samsung HW-A550 2.1ch Wireless Soundbar with Subwoofer was created by top audio engineers in the California Audio Lab. Make your soundbar a full surround sound system by adding the optional back Samsung speakers in just a couple of simple steps, without the clutter of wires. Streamline control for the soundbar and you Samsung TV and your soundbar using only your Samsung remote for your TV. The immersive virtual 3D sound is awe-inspiring everywhere, including from above, using DTS Virtual technology. Dolby Digital 5.1 lets you enjoy surround sound. 

A resonant surround sound experience that attracts you. You can instantly amplify the bass at the push of the button. Increase your gaming experience by incorporating audio that reflects the game’s action. Enjoy sound that is optimized for your favorite videos, such as movies, games, sports and more. It enhances the content you watch. Get the best sound quality for your most loved video content such as games, sports, films and more.  

5. JBL Bar 5.1 – Soundbar with Built-in Virtual Surround

JBL Bar 5.1 - best home cinema speakers under 500
Best surround sound speakers under 500
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Core Details:
Weight 30 Pounds
Product Rank#9 in Home Audio Sound Bars
Best Surround Sound System Under 500
Detailed Description:

The JBL Bar 5.1 – Soundbar with Built-in Virtual Surround has 550W of panoramic sound and a 10-inch wireless subwoofer for incredible bass. Built-in Wi-Fi seamlessly integrates with Chromecast and Airplay 2 to stream your favorite content. Proprietary Beamforming Technology JBL delivers spatial surround sound without cables with JBL beamforming technology. 

An amazing 550W total system power. Built-in Chromecast, AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth. Jbl Surround Sound brings an immersive virtual 5.1 sound experience to your TV without additional cables or speakers. Passthrough 4K with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision provides the highest resolution. 

6. Bobtot 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers 

Bobtot 5.1 best home theater setup under 500
Best home sound system under 500
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Core Details:
Weight 42 Pounds
Model B901
Product Rank#8 in Home Theater Systems
Best Surround Sound System Under 500
Detailed Description:

Bobtot 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers can reach 1200 watts of power, 10-inch subwoofer with built-in receiver, loud but professional sound quality and excellent bass, purest and natural sound. A complete cinema experience at home. 

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The Bluetooth surround sound system uses high-quality materials, has LED lighting effects that fill the atmosphere and includes a digital playback function. The full-featured remote control allows you to turn the LED lighting on and off via the remote control. 

The Bobbit home stereo system has two modes of 5.1/2.1 channels, which can be switched with the remote control. Take your entertainment to the next level with the Pro Surround feature. You can adjust the volume of each speaker and subwoofer separately. 

7. RAINEVERRY 5.1 CH Surround Sound Bar

RAINEVERRY 5.1 CH best surround sound system for under 500
Best home theatre under 500
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Core Details:
Weight 21 Pounds
Model Raineverry 5.1
Product Rank#64 in Home Audio Sound Bars
Best home theatre under 500
Detailed Description:

A RAINEVERRY 5.1 CH Surround Sound Bar fits seamlessly into your living room or bedroom. Powerful and dynamic bass up to 50 Hz draws your attention to every corner of the room. Unleash powerful bass and transform your living room into his IMAX movie theater.

Dolby Audio delivers room-filling excitement with a floor-to-ceiling virtual surround sound experience. Immerse yourself in room-changing 360-degree sound that blends into your surroundings with wireless rear speakers that take TV, movies, and music to a whole new level. 

The 5.1 soundbar is ready to use. Your surround sound system should only be plugged into separate outlets with no wires running between each speaker. You can also connect the soundbar to TVs, projectors, computers, XBOX, PS5, amplifiers, etc. via HDMI ARC, RCA, or optical input connections. All cables included. In ARC input mode, you can control the soundbar with your TV remote control. 

8. Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Surround Sound Bar

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Surround Sound Bar

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Core Details:
ManufacturerDEI Holdings
Weight 12.5 Pounds
Model MagMini
Product Rank#6 in Surround Sound Systems
home theater speakers under 500
Detailed Description:

The Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Surround Sound Bar delivers the room-filling surround sound you expect from a full-size soundbar in an ultra-compact design that fits in any room. Dramatically improve the clarity and volume of the sound and see clear dialogue no matter what you are watching. With a height of less than 15 centimeters, the soundbar delivers an incredible room-filling sound. 

The MagniFi mini soundbar and accompanying wireless subwoofer reproduce the deep bass impact you can feel, creating an immersive, room-filling home theater and music listening experience. This wireless subwoofer creates immersive surround sound using 5.1 Dolby Digital Custom Polk SDA digital surround technology. 

Compatible with almost any TV, our universal soundbar works with your TV, cable box or IR satellite remote and is easy to set up in minutes with the included HDMI (ARC) cable. can go. TV, games, sports, music too. If the volume is too loud for you when watching late at night, Night Mode makes it easy to watch your favorite shows in the evening without waking up your neighbors or other family members. I can. 

9. Majority Everest 5.1 Dolby Audio Surround Sound System

Majority Everest 5.1 Dolby Audio best wireless surround sound under 500
Best 5.1 speakers under 500
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Core Details:
Weight 12.8 Pounds
Product Rank#219 in Home Audio Sound Bars
Best Surround Sound System Under 500
Detailed Description:

Majority Everest 5.1 Dolby Audio Surround Sound System creates an exciting and all-round immersive soundscape. With precise directional effects, you can hear sound from different areas of the room, transforming the way you hear the world of music, films, television, and gaming. Using the rechargeable, detachable speakers, you can enjoy all the sound of the sound of the Everest’s Surround Sound technology in the space that you want to. You can move as far as 20m to amplify the atmosphere in your home. Enjoy clear and crisp sound. With Micro-USB charging, you can get eight hours or more of music playback using the 16.8cm small speakers. 

With the 5.25-inch driver this wireless subwoofer can provide high-quality, lively, and rich bass. It sets the standard to home entertainment. crank the bass as loud as you would like, with no having to worry about distortion. Created to fill the space with its booming subwoofer, the Everest is seamlessly integrated with the speakers, unleashing the most powerful bass. 

You will have the best advantage over your opponent when you play games on the Everest. With Dolby Atmos surround sound projection, you can project sound onto the 3D gaming area and be able to hear your opponent before you see the game. If you are planning an entire game weekend, reveling playing a night of multiplayer online gaming, or enjoying an online game and want to use you to use the Everest Dolby soundbar to give your gaming experience an edge. 

10. AUNA Areal Elegance – 5.1 Surround Sound System

AUNA Areal Elegance - 5.1 Surround Sound System
Best 5.1 home theater system under 500
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Core Details:
Weight 31 Pounds
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Product Rank#45 in Surround Sound Systems
Best 5.1 surround sound system under 500
Detailed Description:

The AUNA Areal Elegance – 5.1 Surround Sound System has great sound, powerful performance, great connectivity options, and an attractive design. You can completely relax from the stress of everyday life. Aerial Elegance Surround System is a multi-talent in music reproduction. Turn your living room into a real soundscape while playing music from a USB key or SD memory card in addition to regular connections. 

Whether you are watching a movie or listening to your favorite music, this speaker system lets you control volume and sound. Control the high-quality box with a simple remote control and take a seat. With this speaker system, you can enjoy room-filling sound. Especially in movies, you will feel like you are in the middle of the action. A surround system consists of a subwoofer, a center speaker and four column speakers. 

Surround Sound Systems VS. Standard Speakers 

The surround-sound system for home theaters can be distinct from ordinary speakers and stereo Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers because the audio channels are integrated into an arrangement of surround sound speakers. Home theater enthusiasts typically prefer systems with a center speaker, multiple directional speakers, and separate subs and tweeters. But, many of the latest surround sound systems use speakers that come with built-in subwoofers. Standard speakers, and even the most powerful ones, have bass. In contrast, Bluetooth speakers are usually sold by themselves or in a pair. 

Like other speakers, surround sound systems have an exclusive frequency response curve that determines each speaker’s audio quality range. Response curves differ between speakers at various price points. However, surround-sound designs tend to have an extensive frequency response with powerful sound on the lower end, but with clarity of mind and high tones in music and movie dialogue. 

Things to take into consideration before buying the Best Surround Sound System Under 500:


The room’s size and acoustics determine the amount of power you will require from a surround sound or Hi-Fi speaker arrangement. Room size is also a factor in determining the proper size of the speaker. If you are looking to fill an area like a garage that has been converted into a loft or living room, it is recommended to get a minimum of 10 inches of the subwoofer. 

Quality of sound 

The fact that a surround sound system is wired or wireless is not a significant factor in its audio quality. Other aspects are essential, including how good the audio source is and the materials and construction with which the sound system is built. Most people will not notice any difference between current wireless and wired systems. But, those who are enthusiasts of audio quality looking to purchase a wireless audio system should ensure that it can handle 24-bit digital audio to ensure that it is compatible with high-resolution formats. 

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Smart Home Integration 

Speakers are increasingly equipped with the option of connecting to an intelligent home automation system. If you are working with Amazon Alexa or other systems, search for an audio system with an integrated Alexa connection, Google Home, or other IoT devices. 

No. of Speakers 

Surround sound setups vary in the number of channels and speakers they use. There are options for two front and rear channels, overhead channels, and a giant center speaker with an additional subwoofer for an ultimate cinema experience. Of course, the complexity of the 7.1.2 system may be daunting, as many small soundbars provide an incredible audio experience with the soundbar and with fewer speakers. 


Surround wireless sound systems are more expensive than wired systems, as you must pay an extra cost for the ease of use and cleanliness of wireless systems. Prices fluctuate each month because of shortages in chips or supply chain issues however do not anticipate the cost of wireless surround systems to drop in price soon. 

Surround Sound System


The Best Surround Sound System Under 500 with high-quality surround sound will dramatically enhance the experience of watching home cinema gaming and listening experience. Suppose you are considering buying a new TV or projector, a 4K Blu-Ray Player, smart TV that comes with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos or THX, or any other audio output that has a multi-channel setup. In that case, it is possible to consider investing in a set of speakers or an expensive soundbar with the proper AV receiver. 

It is also possible to upgrade your home’s audio system to a surround sound speaker system when you are undertaking an interior renovation and plan to transform a spare space into an entertainment space. Surround sound makes your movie experience memorable with its movie theater audio and stunning performance when faced with complex gaming audio. 


How do I connect my TV to a Wireless Surround Sound System? 

The TV is connected to the wireless surround sound system, usually using an HDMI cable, which transmits audio and video from the TV to the main soundbar or an essential hub. If your television does not include any HDMI ARC input, it is possible to connect the audio system with two cables: HDMI or digital optical audio cables. 

Do you require an amplifier with Surround Sound System? 

It is all about your tastes and the dimensions and acoustic characteristics of the room you are listening to. A subwoofer of 10 inches can significantly enhance bass sound when it is in an expansive space, but it could be ineffective in smaller, less restricted space. 

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